Solo 460: Replacement Heat Detector Testing Head
Solo 460: Replacement Heat Detector Testing Head

Solo 460: Replacement Heat Detector Testing Head

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Part Number:SOLO460
  • Solo 460 is a cordless heat detector tester designed to provide a fast, functional test of heat detectors without risking damage to the detector. The tester uses Cross Air Technology (CAT) to direct heat horizontally across the test cup directly to the sensor. The universal design suits widest range of detectors (up to 4" in diameter).
  • The result of this unique design:
  • - Dramatically reduced test times
  • - Minimum power drain on battery
  • - Compatibility with widest range of detectors
  • - Battery powered - no hanging wires / tangled cables
  • - Lightweight and simple to use
  • - Suits fixed temperature, rate-of-rise and combination detectors up to 194F / 90C
  • - Unique IR activation & Cross air Technology for optimum energy use and results
  • - Universal design suits widest Range of detectors
  • - Adjustment lever for angled surfaces
  • - Transparent test cup for clear view of detector LED
  • - Includes Head Unit Only
  • - Solo Access Pole (Solo 100, Solo 101 or Solo 208) required
  • ULC Listed
The Solo 460 incorporates a 'reference platform' which ensures that the 'beam' of heated air is lined up correctly with the sensor- regardless of size or shape of the detector. As the detector enters the clear cup of the head unit, an infrared beam is broken which starts the heat test. Before exiting the heat duct, blown air is heated by the element- the narrow opening forces the heat into a 'beam'. Targeting the 'beam' directly at the sensor not only provides fast test times, but also preserves battery life. When the test is complete and the detector exits the clear cup, the infrared beam is restored, switching off the heated air flow. 

  • Suitable Detector Types: Point type, rate of rise, Fixed Temperature and combination up to 90ºC/194ºF 
  • Maximum Detector Size: Any, as long as the sensing element can be targeted by the heat source duct 
  • Number of Tests: Typically 50 tests per Battery Baton, so limitless if charging one Baton whilst using another Maximum Height: Up to 9m/30ft using the Solo range of access poles 
  • Approvals: UL/ULC Listed (Charger also UL Listed) 
  • Safety Features: Battery over-current cut-out, Element safety cut-out after 120 seconds, Auto power off after 5 minutes 
  • Operating Features: Color coded LED user feedback, Automatic infrared sensing of detector, Multi-lock position head, Fast charge 90 minutes (mains and vehicle) 
  • Environment: Operating temperature: 5C to 45C/40F to 115F, Storage temperature: -10C to 50C/15F to 120F, 
  • Humidity: 0-85% RH non-condensing 
  • Weights: Solo 460: 665g/1lb 8oz (without Solo 760 Battery Baton), Solo 460: 1.125kg/2lb 9oz (with Solo Battery Baton), Solo 760: 490kg/1lb 1oz 
Consider Solo 760 - Battery Batons, Solo 726 Fast Charger 

Requirement: CAN/ULC S536-04: "Each heat detector shall be tested to confirm operability (Refer to Appendix G, Testing of Heat Detectors)"

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